eZ Wireless Follow Focus System | The cheap wireless follow focus system!

The eZ Wireless Follow Focus

100% control

Control your focus wireless with a small joystick or wheel.


Select built-in batteries of use an USB-powerbank.

Small size

Easy to mount on stabilizers or rigs due to it’s compact size!

Custom kits

Customize your own wireless follow focus kit.

Cheap to buy

Get your own kit, starting from 174,95 excl. VAT.

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Have working prototypes ready for field testing; wired and wireless.


JAN/FEB 2017


Finetune 3d printed designs and set up for demo testing w/ testers.


Finalize product w/ feedback from testers, finetune and tweak before accepting orders.

MAR/APR 2017



Wired and wireless kit available for purchase through the webshop.


Work on further code and features, customer feedback.

FALL 2017



Follow focus V2?

100% wireless control

Enjoy a small wireless system, ready-to-go!

Meet the ‘eZ Wireless Follow Focus’.

If you’re just like me – being an ethusiastic filmmaker but with with a tight budget to spare – you’re in luck. If you are also looking for an affordable, practical, portable but also cheap wireless follow focus system, you’re in luck again.

Many commercially available wireless follow focus systems either are extremely expensive or clunky, big, or even a combination of both. If you we’re thinking of adding remote ability to focus you shots, well, you would’ve needed deep pockets, or a very strong back to carry your rig around with a wireless follow focus setup.

Check the progress of the project on my instagram feed here.

Works with DJI Ronin systems

Works with Movi FreeFly systems

Works with any 15mm system

Easy and affordable

The eZ Wireless follow focus system came to an idea when i couldn’t find something that was affordable for me, the average joe. Having to spend either over $700 for a clunky big setup or over $2000 for a professional small portable version, i thought to myself “why not make something”.

The idea is to have a wireless follow focus kit for you and me, without going bankrupt on the purchase. An easy though quality kit, handbuilt and tested, with the necessary customisation if you need it. A cheap wireless follow focus kit available for everybody!

November 2016:
As per november 2016 there’s also a wired version being made. This wired version is ideal for solo operators working with gimbals like the DJI Ronin or Movi Freefly. Upgrading to a wireless function is something that would be made easy.

Affordable and easy

No need to go bankrupt for this system & super easy to control.


  • Connector.

    You choose what power to use

    Pick your power source! Running wireless? Pick the 900 or 2600mAh batttery for the transmitter, or use external power like a powerbank.

  • Connector.

    No mo' wires!

    Be free from wires! The eZ follow focus system works with RF-signals over the 2.4gHz band. No need to tangle with wires on your rig or tripod.

  • Connector.

    Cheap wireless follow focus

    No need to spend over 500 bucks for a clunky system with big control boxes or lens add-ons. Hook-up the servo with the gear to your lens and your good to go. Combine your own kit, starting from € 174,95 excl VAT.

Pick your charge

Use the USB port to charge or power-up, or use the built in battery!

Ready to go

The eZ follow focus kit is designed to be portable, small, but also durable enough to last a good day of filming. The wireless version can either be powered by a rechargeable 18350 battery – good for up to 24 hours of non-stop transmitting and sending commands – or external power sources, like a powerbank. The wired version will feed off the internal batteries of the control box.

The control box contains a power setup of two 18650 batteries, giving you 7.4v with 3000mAh of power to use. That would take up to 10 hours of non-stop focus pulling before the batteries are drained. You can also pick smaller and lighter batteries oror strip the battery in total and run from external power. Make sure the input is atleast 6V and a maximum of 24V.

If the batteries do run out, just swap them out for a spare and put them on charge (and don’t forget to charge the empty ones). If you’re done for the day, you can also charge it with the on-board Li-Ion charger port.

Total wireless focus control

The eZ Wireless Follow Focus kit comes with a special servo and custom printed pitch gear. When powering up the RX-unit, the servo will automatically look for your lens’s end-points and save them, to protect your lens and servo from damaging. Swapping lenses? Just quickly power the RX-unit on and off. It’s that easy!

Automated system

Power the RX-unit on and off to detect your lens’s endpoints.

Custom built & assembled

The eZ Wireless follow focus system is hand assembled. All parts are checked before they go off to you, to ensure they work the way i intended them to. The idea is to keep the project modular with updates. With the power of Arduino, this system is also open for tweaking – if you know what you are doing – so you can adjust settings to the way YOU like, or maybe add extra of functional features. In need of spareparts? No problem, you can find them in the shop.

If you ever have any problems with the eZ Wireless Follow Focus kit, please contact me and we’ll make sure we’re both happy with the kit!

Buy it now

Purchase your own eZ Follow Focus Kit, today!

Project progress & Instagram feed

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3D Printing

The guys over at ProtoShape are making it possible to create this project. Their help and suggestions have made the project become a reality outside of prototyping, and into custom quality printed housings. Their easy to use website tools brings 3DPrinting ideas close to you, at a very affordable price and quality!
Click here to go to www.protoshape.nl

Your Arduino parts store

MARTOparts has really helped me out getting the necessary parts and advice to which parts would work best for the project. The quick, fast and excellent service is all you want when ordering parts for your own Arduino project(s). Dont hesitate to browse in their shop or to ask for a question if you need help!
Click here to go to www.martoparts.nl

The eZ wireless follow focus kit is hand assembled and made per order. Estimated delivery time is between one to two weeks, we thank you for your understanding.